Before investing in real estate,
Building a development,
Or deciding on new locations for your business

Access the latest data on prices, rents, demographic
trends and economic growth data in 46,000 Zip Codes
of 3,000+ cities in North America

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    city governments use aterio for:

    Council members can access aterio database to benchmark their city and compare them to similar municipalities.

    City administrators can have better control on the rental markets and new builds by understanding the supply of units and its effect on housing affordability.


    Aterio – Top Cities in IPOs by Value 2020
    Aterio – Stamford CT

    real estate developers use aterio for:

    Developers  can make decisions on new projects estimating potential appreciation of assets based on supply and demand dynamics

    Estimate demographics for the next 10 years and view its effects on supply and demand for a specific region


    aterio for private sector:

    Companies can plan for the next 10 years base on the expected population and demand in each city.

    Developers can identify cities where there is a need for additional supply  of housing units.

    Real estate investment companies can get growth trends in different  markets to improve asset allocation.

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