Dataset for Cities

Access the biggest dataset dedicated to cities in North America.

Access the biggest dataset dedicated to cities in North America

aterio is a paid subscription service to access unified, normalize, and constantly updated information of over 127 variables including:
  • Demographics    ( past – present – future) 
  • Employment
  • Affordability
  • City Rankings
  • GDP per capita
  • Real estate listings
Aterio City DataSet Screenshot Desktop
Aterio – Affordability Graph

Predictive analytics

Real-time information with machine learning working for you and your city without the need to hire additional  data scientist



A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Benchmark your city comparing it to similar municipalities to find efficiencies.
Get dashboards and weekly insights into what is happening with your city and with others
Aterio – Top Cities in IPOs by Value 2020
Aterio – Stamford CT

Different ways to use our dataset

View the information online and access our readymade dashboards
Download CSV or  Excel files with the variables needed to share with your stakeholders
Connect our dataset online with your Business intelligence software to make your own dashboards and have our team help you set them up.