Privacy Policy

Contact person: Is there somebody I can contact if I have questions about the organization’s privacy practices? How can I contact that person? What is the process for raising a privacy concern with them?


Please contact and we will answer in 24 hours any question about privacy

Collection: What personal information is being collected about me (e.g. name, credit card number, location)? How is this relevant to the product or service being provided? Will this information be collected once, or on an on-going basis?

We only collect your email if you subscribe to our newsletter or send us a “contact us form”

Aterio is currently building the website and is not collecting payments, credit card information.

Use: How will the personal information be used (e.g. payment processing, identity verification, marketing, analytics)? Is it possible to opt out of any secondary uses such as marketing?

We are not sharing, selling information about our users to any third party.

In every email we have the unsubscribe button.

Disclosure: To whom will the information be disclosed? Under what circumstances, and for what purposes? (e.g. to third party advertisers for serving targeted ads, to a cloud computing company for storage, to respond to a warrant from law enforcement)

We are currently only collection emails from our subscription to news letters email and from our “contact us”  form.     We are not sharing the limited information that we have with others

Retention: How long will the information be kept? Has the organization indicated that it has security measures or procedures in place to protect the information?

Information will only be kept as long as an active subscription exists.

Access: How can I access the personal information the company has about me, and update it or correct mistakes if I find any? Are there any costs involved

Please contact and we will answer in 24 hours any question about privacy