Seattle – WA

Aterio affordability index for the city of Seattle WA is 7.4

This means that a household with a median annual  income in the city of 102486 will take 7.4 years to be able to purchase an average house that in the city of Seattle is currently costing 767000 dollars.

In 2010, the population of Seattle WA was 610,630 and in 2020 the population was  776,555(a XX increase).  Aterio is projecting that by 2030  the population of Seattle WA will be at XXX (a XX increase).

Seattle – WA

Affordability Index:

Years of salary you need to buy an average house in the city.

From affordable in green to least affordable in red

Other statistics


Seattle, WA was ranked 1st for a healthy and more affordable retirement in America, according to this study.

The Seattle metro (Seattle-Bellevue-Everett) was ranked 10th in the most secure large metro areas in the United States, according to this study.

The Seattle-Tacoma area was ranked 9th best “extra-large metro area” for teleworking, according to this study.

Seattle, WA was ranked 34th best city in the world, according to this study.

Demographics and Real State

The projected population for 2030 is || 850,000

In the last 7 days. the number of units for sale was || 1,435

The median price for sale in the city in the last 7 days was || $1,105,355

A property stays listed for || 55 days

How much is an average property per postal code in the last 7 days